Article 1: Entirety of the Contract

The current general conditions of sale govern the entire relationship between the customer and the e- business site, and act as a contract. Any order placed on this site implies the customer’s unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions.

These conditions may be modified, however each user is only affected by the conditions in force at the time of their order.

The validation of an order constitutes an electronic signature on the part of the user by which he/she undertakes to respect all the general conditions of sale.

The present contract is a distance contract whose purpose is to define the rights and obligations of the parties within the framework of the sale of the products of the company S1 SPEEDWAY, on the Internet, via the platform of the Centre Monétique Interbancaire (CMI).

Article 2: Prices

The prices displayed on the site S1SPEEDWAY.COM are in Moroccan Dirham and include all taxes.

The total price to be paid is clearly displayed during the final stage of the purchase process, the user validates his order only after gaining knowledge of the total amount to be paid.

The prices in force are those displayed on S1 SPEEDWAY at the time of the order, the customer is not affected by any promotion, offer or reduction before or after his purchase.

Article 3: Availability

Offers of products by S1 SPEEDWAY are valid only within the limit of the available stock.

If one of the ordered products is not available, the customer will receive an email informing him either of the change of the delivery time, or of the cancellation of the order and consequently of its refunding.

Please note that the unavailability of a product does not commit S1 SPEEDWAY to pay any compensation to the customer, the latter will only receive a refund of the amount he has paid.

Article 4: Payment

The customer has one mode of payment for his purchases: payment by bank card, and this mode of payment is governed by the Moroccan laws and any attempt at fraud is severely sanctioned by the laws in force.

In the case of payment by credit card, the transaction is debited from your account within one day of the transaction date.

Your payments are secured by the Centre Monétique Interbancaire (CMI) which offers a fully secure payment service. The Consumer guarantees to the Company S1 SPEEDWAY that he has the necessary authorisations to use the method of payment chosen by him, during the validation of his order.

In the case of payment by bank card, provisions relating to the fraudulent use of the means of payment envisaged in the conventions concluded between the Consumer and the issuer of the card and between the Company S1 SPEEDWAY and its banking establishment apply.

This payment can be made by a Moroccan or foreign bank card. The personal data of the user are encrypted during the transaction on the platform to ensure the strictest confidentiality.

The customer is therefore required to communicate sincere and true information, any false information is considered fraudulent and could lead to the cancellation of the order and be subject to legal proceedings.

Furthermore, he/she guarantees to the site that he/she has the necessary authorisations to use this method of payment.

The credit card payment system is certified by the CMI, VISA, MasterCard and all Moroccan banks.

In case of payment by credit card, the customer may be asked for supporting documents in order to verify his identity and to prevent any attempt at fraud.

Article 5: Proof of transactions paid by credit card

The data recorded by the CMI on the payment platform on behalf of S1 SPEEDWAY constitutes the proof of all commercial transactions between the customer and the company S1 SPEEDWAY on the site S1SPEEDWAY.COM

Article 6: Protection of personal data

The customer is required to provide truthful and accurate information when registering. Any false information will result in the cancellation of the order.

The personal data of the customers are used in the strictest confidentiality during the processing of the order. Only the employees of S1 SPEEDWAY (founder company of S1 SPEEDWAY) have access to it.

The information collected on the site www.S1SPEEDWAY.ma is the subject of a process intended for the delivery of the products to the customers.

The recipients of the data are: the company S1 SPEEDWAY which manages the site S1SPEEDWAY.ma. This processing has been notified to and authorised by the CNDP under receipt No. 32-2015 of 13/02/2015.

S1 SPEEDWAY has the possibility of using this data during advertising campaigns in order to communicate to customers its various offers and special promotions.

The contact form made available to our customers in the “contact us” section is intended to respond to requests for information from our current or potential customers with the ultimate goal of facilitating the online sales operation. The data collected through this form is not intended for commercial prospecting.

This processing has been notified to and authorised by the CNDP under receipt No. .
In accordance with the law n° 09-08 promulgated by the Dahir 1-09-15 of 18 February 2009, relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, you have the right to access and rectify information concerning you, which you can exercise by contacting our customer service department by calling 0668305371.

You may also, for legitimate reasons, object to your data being processed.

Our database is transferred abroad to the host of our website. This processing has been notified to and authorised by the CNDP under receipt no. 32-2015 dated 13/02/2015.

Article 7: Intellectual property

The whole content of S1SPEEDWAY.com (texts, images, videos, … etc.) is property of S1 SPEEDWAY.

Any attempt of reproduction is considered to be illegal and fraudulent, it would thus be subject to legal proceedings.

Article 8: Force majeure

S1 SPEEDWAY is only liable for the execution of its obligations insofar as no event of absolute necessity occurs to block them.